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Posted in eventos by pedro palacios © on 28 enero, 2010

Probably  one  of  the best Catalan sculptors and would probably be considered one of the greats  of  contemporary  sculpture   if born  in  a country  with  more sensitivity  for  artistic  creation,  and  especially  sculpture.  But nevertheless,  Gabriel has  been  getting  way with a play that invokes the imagery of classical sculpture but as Argullol Rafael says, assumes that it is doomed to imperfection by the same flow of human life . The sculpture of Gabriel toggles between past and present doggedly in pursuit of its own perpetuity. «The artwork does not belong to our time, the artwork goes to another time,» emphasizes Gabriel.

The  sculptor  from Badalona exposes until to 20 March, a fortnight of works, most quite recent bill in the Espai Volart Vila Casas Foundation, an institution that,  unlike  others ,  does  have  a  high  regard  for  his  art.  In  the  collection  of  Antoni  Vila  Casas,  Gabriel  is  present  in  seven  plays, two of which are incorporated fairly recently and now look at the sample Volart, entitled Plectopos.

Gabriel sculpted with the same strong conviction of Michelangelo, under which the works already existed within the marble. Or, as I said Oteiza, works as they were before, what happens is that nobody saw.

In the work of Gabriel plans an estimated depth of the ancient world. The sculptures are clamoring for a revival of the imaginary of the past. «Contemporary art can continue to renew only if it reproduces the archetypal experience of imaginary symbolic pantheon of the past», he stressed Gabriel. He says, leaves the skin to get on the pedestal of knowledge, and hence the creative process can drag on for days, weeks and months. «In art you have to leave the skin and soul. A play is a congestion of strength and effort, «proclaims. Well that is the skin a major element in his sculptures: just see the masses of wood covered with hundreds or thousands of keys, looking for the effect of some scales. There is always a strong aura organic sculpture of Gabriel.